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the world’s better street canvases, with its Street Art Fan routes

If there was ever an art form that was slow in getting the recognition it deserves, it’s street art. Long considered graffiti desecration, it has finally evolved into an integral part of the urban landscape. It isn’t a new phenomenon by any means, but it is getting more widely accepted and embraced, some cities even starting to showcase it as a cultural, touristic attraction.

Unrestrained, unconventional, irreverent and highly creative art, around the corner, around the globe. And yes, we know the globe is a mighty big canvas to send you strolling for. That is why Soul.Cityis offering you smaller, more targeted glimpses intothe world’s better street canvases, with itsStreet Art Fan routes!

→ You will notice in reading this article that we haven’t quite reached 10 cities…yet… But what if youcould help us reach that target? Soul.City is reaching out to your passionate side.. You love your city and you want the world to see and discover it through your eyes? Make it available par nos to our tens of thousands of users by becoming a Cityzen, and creating your own routes for the app. Meet other Cityzens and make yourself visible to the brands that could be interested in your expertise. Find the information here.

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A journey for the hockey fans in Montreal!

If there should only one sport remaining in Canada, it would most definitely be ice hockey. As a matter of fact, the origin of the practice is almost as old as the country itself. Some will say it goes back to the year 1500, other will claim that the word “hockey” only appeared at the end of the 18th century. Well they’re both right (easier that way).

No matter what, it is still in Montreal, on March the 3rd of 1875, that the very first modern ice hockey game as we know it today was played. It makes sense then, that the city is the ultimate destination for every self-respecting hockey fan. Soul.City fully got that and offers you to discover the city while fulfilling your passion in the new Hockey Fan itinerary!

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Art, romance and discovery: from New York to San Francisco with Marie-Joëlle Parent

If you’ve been following Soul.City news lately, you may have noticed that two of the largest US cities, New York and San Francisco were already set up for discovery.

Among the guides already available, Marie-Joëlle Parent, an absolute specialist in the subject is treating us with two new ones. Author of the book series “300 reasons to love“, she has already combed through these two iconic cities. With her guide “Artist” in San Francisco and “Romantic” in New York, she’s revealing her best addresses to us. Here is the portrait of an experienced traveler, in addition to her many other passions.

Marie-Joëlle Parent, a trend to follow

Born in Montreal, Marie-Joëlle Parent is a multi-media journalist, columnist, content creator and author. She’s been living in the US since 2009. She launched her guidebook 300 reasons to love New York in 2015, which became the first in a series that is constantly evolving with Marie-Joelle as its director. Her second guide, 300 reasons to love San Francisco, was published in October 2016.

 As a multi-media correspondent for Quebecor for 6 years, she covered many significant events in the United States, from Barack Obama’s re-election to the reconstruction of the World Trade Center.

She’s conducted various major interviews with personalities such as Yoko Ono,
Tony Bennett, Johnny Hallyday, Paul Haggis, Lauren Bush, Cécilia Attias, Candace Bushnell, Jimmy Fallon, Alicia Keys, LarryKing and Moby.

Her Instagram account, which contains 12,000 odd photos, was named one of the Top 10 accounts to follow in 2013, according to French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur.

She’s passionate about large cities and spends her life between San Francisco and New York.

→ Check out her Instagram account!

→ Check out her website for info on her upcoming destinations!

→ Or follow her on Facebook for all her other news

Interview with Marie-Joëlle Parent

Check out our exclusive interview with Marie-Joëlle, live from San Francisco. She agreed to answer our questions, and reveals her motivations, ambitions, her love for traveling and even gives us a taste of projects she’s preparing!

Marie-Joëlle Parent : l’interview exclusive / New York version romantique !

La créatrice et auteure à succès du guide “300 raisons d’aimer New York”, Marie-Joëlle Parent, nous a accordé quelques minutes afin d’en savoir un peu plus sur elle et sur ce qui nous attend dans ses nouveaux parcours. Ici, elle y présente un itinéraire inédit créé sur mesure pour Soul.City : découvrir New York en en mode romantique !

Romantic or Artistic, two unique guides

Drawing on her experiences, “MJ” had no trouble imagining dynamic and original guides adapted to Soul.City and its users.

“I wanted to highlight the soul of each area”

For romantics, choose New York. The city views alone are well worth the detour and could form an itinerary in its own right. But New York isn’t just about endless skyscrapers. The city offers its share of open green spaces, far from noise yet at the centre of everything. An aspect that becomes more obvious as you get closer to Brooklyn. The famous Brooklyn Bridge is a monument in its own right, but it’s what’s on the other side that will delight romantics.

The itinerary can be downloaded here!

If you’re an artist at heart, destination San Francisco. The city is famous for its artistic touch, and is a constant source of inspiration. The rising cost of real estate has led artists to come up with increasingly ingenious solutions to set up their work shops, providing new and unique galleries. This artistic streak extends to the cafes and restaurants of the city, pure joy for novelty fans!

The itinerary can be downloaded here!

Welcome to New York City ! 6 itineraries to start a new story

Always further! After San Fransisco, Soul.City brings up a new challenge in discovering every corner of the biggest city in the United States: welcome to New York City! We went to scout the best locations in one of the most impressive nests of multiculturalism and trends in the world.

Strong of a unique style, New York easily switches between ultra modernism and history, with a rich and constantly renewed experience. As a result, we end up with tons of amazing addresses that are just waiting to be discovered. Let’s take a quick look at the 6 launching itineraries!


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6 blogs to discover New York’s secrets

At Soul.City, we always have seen the citizens as the true city’s soul. Their habits and their tastes are building the very identity of the town, day after day. Even the biggest cities follow this trend, including New York. « The Big Apple », « The City that never sleeps » : you got it. Before heading there (sh! this stays between you and me), Soul.City wanted to know more about the bloggers, who not only participate to the New York’s hectic life, but who also share this life with everyone. Here are for you 6 essential blogs held by authentic New Yorkers, who will show you the whole city in the blink of an eye! Perhaps you’ll plan your futur trip?

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Barcelona’s heart beats to Misstress Barbara’s Playful itinerary!

It was about time! The keenest observers among you already noticed Barcelona was announced about a month ago on the Soul.City app. The city is today within your reach and is waiting for you to discover it.

To start this new adventure, we tapped into Misstress Barbara‘s intimate knowledge of the city. A world reknowned DJ and producer who fell in love with Barcelona a long time ago, she created exclusively for Soul.City a “Playful” itinerary, sharing all her favorite spots and addresses.

Turn up the volume and discover the Playful itinerary!

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8 blogs to discover San Francisco: Soul.City lands on the West Coast!

Along the Californian Coast, San Francisco is the dreaming destination! The city is packed with history, from the Gold Rush to the beatnik movements, and is also highly multicultural, between gay villages, Chinatown, and gastronomy coming from all over the world.

We wanted to know more about this fascinating city, so that we could share our findings with you. To do that, we started our journey by discovering the best bloggers in town. Travelers, locals or expatriates, we enjoyed some of them so much that we just had to share it with you.

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Making the kids happy in Montreal

It has been a rainy Spring in Montréal, and while wondering what to do on a gray Saturday with three little Chipmunks, I turned to Soul.City for an answer!  Built to host the 1976 summer Olympic Games that crowned Bruce Jenner and Nadia Comaneci, the Olympic Park is today a fantastic play area for kids and adults alike.  Together, the Botanical Garden, Insectarium, Biodôme, and Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium form the Space for Life, the largest natural sciences museum complex in Canada.

Easily accessible on the green metro line, the kids and I exited the Viau station, and headed first to the Biodôme.  This unique attraction allows visitors to wander through ecosystems that replicate climates of the Americas.  We first walked into a tropical rainforest, where exotic birds and monkeys could be watched from up close.  The second exhibit took us through a typical Canadian forest, a real hit with its sliding otters!  The peak was without a doubt the penguins in the Arctic region.  The children absolutely loved their visit!

When our kids travel in the future

Since the kids still had energy to spend, we then headed to the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium.  The site uses cutting-edge technology to offer an out-of-this-world (literally) experience.  We settled on bean bags inside a dome to watch an Imax-like movie about asteroids.  While waiting for the projection, a complimentary hands-on exhibit got the children interested in learning about our solar system.

Word of advice:  book your tickets for the Biodôme online, you will avoid a long queue!  Packages with other Space for Life exhibits are also available.

Special thanks to: Chloé B., Marie-Rose R.L., and Clara B. for enthusiastically testing the Soul.City Making the Kids Happy itinerary!

Happy birthday, Montréal !

On May 17th, Montréal will celebrate its 375th anniversary.  The city, founded in 1642, will be a glorious sight, offering visitors and locals alike a most festive ambiance.  Beginning with the illumination of the Jacques-Cartier bridge, on a celebratory evening where all citizens are invited, several other special events will be presented throughout the summer.

At Soul.City we are especially honoured to be invited to the celebration!  Beginning May 17th, the app will offer all its users a “festive” urban itinerary, in collaboration with the City of Montréal.  This free itinerary proposes the discovery of twelve important cultural and sporting events across town, while exploring the city’s unique sights… and soul.

Avudo, the Great Invitation, Francofolies, the International Jazz Festival, Montréal completely circus, Just for Laughs, Montréal Pride, Mode et Design, and as well as many other events will make a rotation in Soul.City’s “festive” itinerary.  Taking place in Montréal’s Old Port and “Quartier des spectacles” districts, discover beginning May 17th a unique urban itinerary celebrating Montréal’s cultural DNA.


Do you have a Cityzen’s Soul?

This is it, our little startup Soul.City inc. provides itself with the means of deploying across the entire planet, with the creation of new tools, dedicated to a whole new community: the Cityzens. Contrary to what one might think, Cityzens aren’t a new trendy relaxation yoga fan group… They are passionate inhabitants, who like to discover and to make others discover their city through their passions and emotions.

Since the very beginning, we wished to build a community around our Soul.City app. We do believe that it’s the citizens themselves who know the city the best, and that they are most likely able to make people discover it… We wanted to let those who create rich content (information, emotion, passion) place their talent in every traveller’s pocket.

To achieve that, we worked with several bloggers, redactors, guides, but also with passionate citizens… They helped us understand their working process, their desires and their stakes. Each of them carries a different story, different values, depending on their own passions and lifestyle. Ultimately, it all comes together with what Soul.City wants to offer to its users. The Soul.City app (available on iPhone and Android) is made of discovery urban itineraries, using emotions and passions as a guiding theme.

Therefore, we decided to open up the app to those who think they have a relevant content to share. They’ll have the opportunity to share it and value it directly through the app, and through their reader’s smartphone. Just like a friend who takes you by your hand to show you the city, the Cityzen makes you discover or rediscover the town through his own eyes.

In a nutshell, all those who like making others discover their city are welcome!

As long as the content is smart, unexpected, exciting, and able to end up in an urban itinerary, he will be subject to be integrated in the app. Cityzens are put in the front scene thanks to a link to their own website. Brands which sponsor itineraries in which they appear will be related with the itinerary creator, so he/she can be remunerated.

Soul.City becomes a complementary tool for your blog, by valuing your expertise and everyone’s life experiences. With Soul.Cityzen, you’ll find a new business model to operate.

Soul.Cityzen: a toolbox for the Cityzens.

Soul.Cityzen is the interface with which you’ll be able to express yourself. Exchanging and sharing ideas, creating specific itineraries… The time where we created our itinerary in our own corner is over. Now you’ll be able to use our tools to give your work a whole new dimension.

Soul.Cityzen addresses itself to bloggers, passionate urban inhabitant, but also to tourism professionals and hotels, and of course to brands!
The idea? Relate and connect all these fancy people in order to create a unique synergy using cities’ souls to offer new emotions to your client, a brand-new content.

The logic which takes place in this ecosystem is the win-win situation, for brands and content creators, but also for tourism professionals and their clients.

Becoming a Cityzen is free, you just need to have interesting things to make people discover and to meet specific criteria to be selected.

Many opportunities are yet available, and yet to come: we are at the very beginning of this great adventure.

Apply now, submit us your itinerary ideas, and join the (future) big Soul.Cityzens’ family.

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